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Email Advice


Email Advice by Dr. Lyn

15-Minute Email Snippets for only $50 each!

          Hi!  We're here to help and want to make it as easy and fast as possible for you to get the help you need .
We've created a Relationship Coaching Advice by Email Program for those of you who prefer to explain
your situation and get your advice in writing, by email. 

        To see examples of our "Email Advice Snippets" visit our Advice Column Page! 

        You simply email us your situation and question and within a few hours, (maybe sooner but could be up to 48 hours if we're really busy!)
one of us will get back to you with a response and our best advice.  You can ask specifically for Lyn (see Lyn's page) or Virginie (see Virginie's page).
Otherwise we will assess your situation when you call for your first 15 minute phone consult and determine which one of us would best help you.

        We charge $50 per quarter hour or one "email snippet"  to and from. Each email snippet would be less than 400 words (400 for you and 400 for us).
So that would be $100 for your question and response.

1-400 word email & response = $100
401-800 word email & response = $200
and so on....

        Many people have called and asked us to help them draft letters/emails to their mates.  
We can definitely do this, and we're really good at it!  This service usually requires a minimum of 30 minutes, which would be $100.


 1. Email us to set up your initial phone consultation.  [email protected]

2.  Before your initial phone or email consult, go to the "Helpful Forms" page and complete our "Relationship Coaching Intake Form" and fax it back to us.  We cannot provide any coaching without this form completed and signed by you.  We will process the fee prior to your session. 
We do not accept checks, cash, cashier's checks or money orders for payment.

3.  You need to know that there are some risks to providing coaching electronically.  You need to make sure your email is secure and protected for confidentiality.  If you want more security you can purchase encryption software for your email service prior to sending and receiving emails.  While complete confidentiality by any means of communication is impossible, we do everything on our end to secure your
information.  We delete all emails to and from you within 10 days.  There may be times when we feel it is inappropriate to write our response in an email, and that it may be better communicated by phone.  In these cases, we will let you know.  Phone coaching is $50 per quarter hour.

4.  Email your initial questions/concerns to our main address: [email protected]

Lyn Kelley & Virginie Sheldon


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